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Emerald Education Summer Elevation is a flexible complement to classroom instruction.

Elevating Supplemental Support to the Next Level

Emerald Education Summer Elevation

Why Summer Elevation?

Flexible implementation: summer school, enrichment, intervention, small group instruction

Lessons that foster collaboration and communication

What about teacher

Lessons include facilitation guides and PPT decks

Embedded formative, pre-, and post-assessments


Complements and reinforces most high-quality instructional materials

Uses the 5 Practices framework

Why is Summer Elevation a key program?

Students develop a strong math identity

Language objectives support mathematical discourse

What We Offer

Available for grades K-5

Teacher Resources: facilitation guide, overview, handouts, slide deck, formative assessments, and Grades 2-5 assessments. Delivered as a digital file.

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Why Summer Elevation?

Emerald Education Summer Elevation is a versatile complement to classroom instruction that can be used as a summer school program; before-, during-, or after-school tutoring; small and whole group instruction, enrichment, and remediation; intervention; and reinforcement of grade-level skills. It can even be implemented in combination with our Elevation Station Games, which provide engaging practice to support procedural fluency.

The mathematical focus is on building conceptual understanding by focusing on the big ideas of each grade level. Students can recognize the mathematical topics found in their primary math classes and welcome a new and engaging experience in Summer Elevation.

Some key components of the program to highlight.

  • Program supports the development of students’ math skills and abilities as well as problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
  • Students consistently work to refine strategic thinking
  • Lessons are aligned to math standards
  • Materials are classroom-ready

What about teacher resources?

Emerald Education Summer Elevation teachers icon

The materials were crafted with a focus on supporting teachers, as research has shown teachers to have the most impact on student learning. “I think that my teachers will be able to use the lessons to successfully facilitate the information to students.” District Math Specialist

Summer Elevation helps teachers implement effective discourse using the 5 Practices framework and utilize the Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices to maximize the impact on learning. I really like the math practices being implemented in the lessons.” Elementary Teacher

The teacher facilitation guide provides support with timing, questioning, and facilitation using the 5 Practices framework. Teaching materials such as handouts, presentation slide decks, formative assessments, and pre- and post-assessments (Grades 2–5) are provided for teachers. In Grades K–1, literacy connections are also included to infuse literacy into the math classroom.

What is our approach?

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The materials follow the Launch, Explore, and Discuss lesson cycle that complements and reinforces most high-quality instructional materials. This pedagogical alignment ensures that Summer Elevation supports classroom instruction and provides students with a fresh experience without the burden of new instructional routines, allowing the focus to be on mathematics.

The program was designed using the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions (Smith and Stein) to provide substantial teacher support. In the lessons, teachers have explicit directions for executing the practices, including probing questions to advance thinking, anticipated strategies and misconceptions to preplan for, and strategies for the selection and sequencing of student responses in order to solidify connections. The monitoring chart provides teachers with a deep layer of support with each of the 5 practices for each lesson.

“What I find most helpful is the anticipated responses of the students and how they share their varied strategies and methods in solving the problem.”  – Elementary Teacher.

The Effective Mathematics Teaching Practices from NCTM have been intentionally and strategically integrated into the Summer Elevation curriculum. The monitoring chart is a teacher resource that provides strategic questions to ask students (practice 5) while also supporting the appropriate selection, sequencing, and connecting of student strategies (practice 8) as thinking is made transparent.

Why is Summer Elevation an essential program?

Summer Elevation takes supplemental support to the next level. The materials focus on important mathematical concepts that set students up for success as they advance mathematically and refine their problem-solving skills. Instructional routines are strategically utilized to help students make sense of the content and promote mathematical discourse. Language objectives are embedded in the lessons, providing teachers with a focus on the language aspects of the lesson and ensuring students have the opportunity to learn something new from the class discussions.

Summer Elevation is student-friendly; the math is meaningful and interesting. A sense of community develops as students work together to solve tasks, discuss strategies, and ask each other questions. Students have the opportunity to further build a positive math identity by seeing themselves as capable, belonging, and with a sense of purpose. Students can then see themselves as “math people.”

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