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Professional Learning

Emerald Education’s approach to professional learning and capacity building is grounded in research-based methods and strategies with proven effectiveness.  We provide high quality  professional learning for teachers of mathematics, principals, district and state leadership.

Our programs are teacher supportive and student centered.  We believe the best way to further student learning is to partner with educators to meet the needs of all learners.  Emerald Education’s professional learning supports educators in advancing their content and pedagogical content knowledge, using formative data, and effective implementation.

Professional learning is designed to prepare staff for a strong program implementation that reinforces the district adopted curriculum.

Curriculum Revisions & Development

The Emerald Education staff utilizes their knowledge of standards, high-quality instructional practices, and content expertise to develop and revise curriculum. We support district and school teams in the development of math courses, curriculum maps, lessons, and assessments. Emerald Education offers supplemental mathematics and career in math resources as well as our services to develop a custom curriculum. 

We’re ready to partner with you to understand your system, build or revise your curriculum, and tailor implementation to meet your school and district needs. 

Standards Alignment & Studies

Emerald Education offers school and district program reviews and curriculum studies that enable decision makers to answer essential questions about student progress, effectiveness, and fidelity to curriculum objectives. Through the collection and analysis of a wide range of data we determine specific areas of strength and identify improvement targets that support data-driven decision making. 

Consulting Services

Our team is ready to partner to uncover challenges and create solutions that meet the needs of your unique education community.  We engage in coaching and advising for school and district leaders, and strategic planning for schools, districts, and state agencies.  The team at Emerald Education has developed statewide collaborations and learning opportunities in North Carolina, Texas, and Alabama.

As a result of our expertise in PK – 8 and high school mathematics, we have a history of creating a positive orientation and collaboration that results in a sustainable network that typically continues beyond the scope of work and through implementation.

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