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Our Story

Emerald Education… Elevating Education for All.

Conceived as a company whose purpose was to support educators in improving student achievement, Emerald Education was born.  The founders recognized the value of their successful educational backgrounds, expertise, and creativity, and of those who would later join the team.  With this level of talent and willpower, they could produce innovative professional learning experiences, inclusive curriculum, and offer unique consultative services that would stand the test of time, just as the precious gem, the green emerald.

Emerald Education (EE) is a women-owned minority business based in Asheville, North Carolina, serving the entire U.S. Our leadership has expanded to include more than 190 years of collective leadership experience and proven results specializing in mathematics, STEM and CTE, workforce development, and educational leadership development. In addition to our products, we design solutions for complex issues, solve sticky problems, and create customized curriculum.

Our Mission & Vision

The mission of EMERALD EDUCATION is to create innovative, research-informed curricula (resources and academic supports) that elevate learning environments through engaging, relevant, and approachable products that inspire higher levels of achievement.

The vision of EMERALD EDUCATION is to share our passion for education by creating a stimulating educational and intellectual journey using insightful resources that motivate, inspire, and support teachers and learners. 

We do this by working to identify needs and fill gaps in a variety of content areas by giving educators the tools they need to proactively help students succeed.

Our Team

By Educators, For Educators

At Emerald Education, we are passionate advocates for empowering individuals through transformative learning experiences. From our home base in Asheville, North Carolina, we are a community of dedicated educators committed to creating innovative solutions that cater to the unique needs of every learner. The entire team consists of over 50 experts in mathematics curriculum writing, professional learning, and leadership support from across the country. Our team members include practitioners, state and district leaders, and higher education professionals with expertise in mathematics, cultural relevance, English language learning, and equity.

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