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Emerald Education, Elevating Education for All
Our mission is to create innovative, research-informed resources and academic supports that elevates learning environments through engaging, relevant, and impactful products, expanding a student’s opportunities to learn.

is our passion

Emerald Education was founded by educators with decades of collective and diverse experience dedicated to supporting educators because we understand the nuances and difficulties of navigating the classroom and learning environment.

We create real

Every community has its own unique character, challenges, and opportunities, and we create evidence-based solutions that best address the educational needs of our clients to match evolving classroom, school, and district dynamics.

We go where the
RESEARCH leads us

We constantly distill research in our pursuit of continuous improvement of teaching and learning practices. By doing so, we look at education differently and work to bridge the gap between what research reveals and practical classroom application.
EMERALD EDUCATION creates stimulating educational and intellectual journeys using insightful resources that motivate, inspire, and support teachers and learners.

EMERALD EDUCATION is dedicated to serving educators because we are educators.

Wherever you are in the country, we understand the challenges and complexities facing government agencies, educational agency leaders, curriculum administrators, educational consultants, teachers, parents, and caregivers. Your needs go far beyond professional development, and we’re here to help solve your problems today so that you can plan for tomorrow’s solutions with Professional Development & Leadership Support Services.