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Elevation Station Math Games

Professional Learning

Elevation Station Math Games professional learning supports effective implementation. Districts can choose either a full- or half-day session. In either session, participants will explore the product through both a teacher and student lens while participating in game play. In the full-day session, participants will also explore the components of fluency and how our beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics impact classroom practice and expectations.

Session Overview

  • Define the components of effective mathematical practice with a focus on the use of games.
  • Understand the role of games in building procedural fluency from conceptual understanding.
  • Receive an overview of the game materials and discuss logistics.
  • Discuss implementation and usage aligned to the district’s vision.
  • Experience playing multiple games from a student’s perspective.
  • Practice using the Monitoring Chart as a formative assessment tool.
  • Plan next steps and implementation


  • 6 hours: In Person 
  • 3 hours: In Person